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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use the sounds even if my subscription expires and/or if I delete my account?
Yes – you can use the sounds indefinitely, even if you currently have no active subscriptions or an active account on Soundsnap. The same rules of our end user license will continue to apply.
Who is the VAT field for?
The VAT field only applies to EU companies that are VAT registered and have an EU VAT number. Once a valid number has been entered, the applied tax may be removed according to regulations about intra-community transactions. The VAT field should be left blank for anyone outside the European Union (companies and consumers) and also should be left blank for EU consumers and individuals (that are not VAT registered companies).
Can I change my billing information on my account for future purchases?
Yes, you can add a new card for Mastercard and Visa, but you cannot change your card to PayPal or vice versa or change a PayPal email to another email. To change your card, go to your profile page, then under Billing you will see an 'Edit' button next to your card info.
Is the payment page secure?
Yes, we use state of the art SSL encryption.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and American Express.
Do you store my credit card information?
No, your payment info never remains on our servers.
For Annual accounts, your credit information is saved securely by the credit card processor.
How often will you bill my card? Do you have recurring billing?
Annual subscribers will have their card charged annually. 6-month subscribers will be billed every six months.
You may cancel an Annual or 6-month subscription at any time from the billing settings page in your profile so that it will not be renewed.
I’m about to make a purchase, and will need an invoice / receipt.
You will be asked to enter your company information before completing your purchase.
You can later find your receipts by visiting your Profile and then selecting the 'Billing & Invoices' tab.
Once there, click on "Invoices" where you can view and download a pdf of your receipt.
I’m trying to buy something, but I’m getting a message saying there was a problem loading the payment process.
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